Massive Gas Leak at a California Porter Ranch Results in a Class Action Lawsuit

There is an environmental class action lawsuit filed on the behalf of the dozens of plaintiffs and the Save Porter Ranch.  This was filed because of the harm that was done related to the Southern California Gas Company’s (SoCalGas) gas leak that took place in Aliso Canyon. This large class action lawsuit actually names Sempra Energy as well as the California utility Southern California Gas Company as the defendants in the lawsuit.
1455287951258This suit has alleged that “this case involves the massive leak that was discovered on or about October 23, 2015 next to the residential community of Porter Ranch.”  What is important to understand is that the gas related to this leak was not from the region.  Rather, it has been injected through the underground.  This was done by Southern California Gas Company.  It was all carried out wells that were illegally permitted.
Keep in mind that that in September of 2015, SoCalGas had injected 5.7 billion cubic feet of gas under the ground.  They did this in close proximity to those that were living near Porter Ranch.  It is believed that SoCalGas had been injecting the same amounts of gas through October.  This is when one of the wells that was being injected had suffered a massive failure.  1energy_thegascompany (2)It then had a blowout.  This is what had resulted in the leak.  It has been said that the gas that had leaked into the air then started to leak into the water.  You can see that this is a huge problem that could impact a large number of individuals.
This leak was unprecedented and it created a flow of gases and fluids that was uninterrupted.  This includes a flow of methane, methyl mercaptan and even aromatic hydrocarbons.  This has made hundreds of individuals sick that are living in Porter Ranch.  The workers that are living and working in that area, and in areas nearby, were also affected.  It is hard to imagine what could happen when individuals do not have clean air to breathe or proper water to drink.  The damages really add up and massive lawsuits like this can help correct some of the errors that have taken place.