Crash with Uber SUV Results in DUI Manslaughter Charges in Myrtle Beach

An accident on December 27, 2015 resulted in the death of Pablo Sanchez and the arrest of 20-year-old Alexander Chica. On the night of the accident, Chica slammed into Uber driver Sanchez after a night out. According to investigators, his blood alcohol level was double the legal limit.

Chica told the police that he had spent time at the Brickell district Sidebar lounge and left shortly before the accident occurred. His first court appearance this past Thursday revealed that “He had drank two rum and cokes and also a beer,” remarked Denise Georges, a Myrtle Beach-Dade Assistant State Attorney.

The judge for this case set a $30,000 bond for Chica. However, should be make bond, he is expected to wear an electronic ankle monitor while he is at home. Chica is attending college in northeast Ohio at Baldwin Wallace University. He is a former football player of Belen Jesuit High. His former priest, football coach and approximately 20 other people filled the courtroom in support of Chica for his recent hearing.

After completing the investigation, police determined that the Uber driver, Sanchez, had no fault in the accident. However, Sanchez’s family filed a suit against Uber and Chica.

Since a Uber driver association is well established and have a advance network of tracking the driver and their behavior in traffic and road this lawsuit will be hard to prove.

Sanchez was with friends that night and called Uber to get a ride home. Just before 5:00am, Uber driver Jean Adam, picked up Sanchez and his friends and was working to make a left turn onto Southwest 144th Street. At this specific area, there was a flashing yellow light that was meant to signal drivers to slow down and use caution. Unfortunately, Chica raced through the intersection and collided with the Uber SUV.

Both cars burst into flames and the SUV flipped and hit a wall. It is estimated that in this 35 mph zone, Chica was driving at more than 70 mph.

According to the state, Chica should have stopped and allowed Adam to drive through the intersection, but Chico’s defense attorney states otherwise. “Speed alone is not enough for probable cause for vehicular manslaughter, “Susy Riberio-Ayala, Chico’s defense attorney, told the judge. “And there is not doing to be enough for DUI manslaughter.”

“The sudden and accidental injury or death of a loved one makes it difficult to deal with the variety of burdens that start to pile up for victims and their loved ones,” says attorney Joe and Martin, a managing partner at a top Myrtle Beach law firm. “Being there to assist their victims during this difficult time in assessing liability and dealing with the legal aspects of the situation is why I chose to go into personal injury law.”

The trial will continue to determine if Chico serves a prison sentence and how much. For now, he is home and being electronically monitored as the hearings push forward. Sanchez’s family continue to mourn the loss of a loved one who was aspiring to become a pharmacist in the future. Chico also had to surrender his passport for the time being. If you find yourself in this, or a similar situation, be sure to contact the Myrtle Beach┬ácar accident lawyer.